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Hello & Thank you for visiting my site.

I started Antenna Medix to help people with television reception, I have had the opportunity to speak with a large volume of people frustrated with television reception. Most of the people feel there was a need for reception assistance, for several years I was out installing TV antennas in my spare time. Now I have turned this into a small personalized business, ANTENNA MEDIX

I have been employed in broadcast television maintenance for over 41 years, for over 23 years I have been maintaining & repairing television transmitters & translators, as well as installing & maintaining microwave radio paths to a variety of mountain top sites in Arizona.

I enjoy the antenna installation process, most installations take 3-4 hours. After the antenna is installed, I help with the TV input selection & programming/scanning TV’s for channels. I use the best quality cable, connectors, signal splitters, amplifiers & antennas I can source.

I’m honest, hard working, competent, reliable, punctual & I feel my pricing is fair. I strive for quality in each installation, not a high quantity of installations. I work with a large number of people on fixed incomes & understand the value of their money.

Please contact me if I can be of assistance to you.

Thank you

Herb Hosler

Direct Phone: 480-450-4600

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