TV Antenna Installation

Indoor TV antennas tend to limit signal reception:

Broadcast TV reception is sometimes frustrating, some channels digitize, pixiate & look like a checker board, some channels just don’t show up, many homes with indoor antennas won’t receive the full volume of local channel signals. Most indoor antennas have been optimized for UHF reception, but have little to no provisions for VHF signals. I have had the opportunity to personally speak with many people concerning reception issues covering the majority of stations in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, the largest concern I have heard, is from people trying to receive our local high band VHF channels with an indoor antenna. The local stations are broadcasting at full allotted FCC power levels however there are still reception issues or problems with the use of indoor antennas.

Reception help:

To get the best reception for your HDTV you need an outdoor UHF/VHF antenna. An attic mount antenna is the second best option for receiving an HDTV digital signal. Sun burned, weathered cabling, loose or bad connections, RF splitters or amplifiers that don’t pass the full range digital signal well, create significant degradation to your antenna system. I check the RF reception at the antenna, as well as through the existing cabling & splitters, then repair or replace cabling & splitters as needed. Long cable runs or connection to 4 more TV’s usually requires an amplified signal. A single amp placed inline before the splitter or an amplified splitter is best.

TV Antennas Professionally Installed:

An outdoor television antenna professionally installed for a single TV or into an RF system for multiple TV’s, will get you the best possible FREE Broadcast HDTV signal reception.

Uncompressed 720p or 1080i:

Broadcasters are transmitting their main channel signals in 720p or 1080i, unlike satellite or cable companies who compress the signal due to limited band width. The result is broadcast TV signals have a much cleaner, crisper look.

TV Channel Availability:

I have verified 125 digital channels currently broadcast in Phoenix, Arizona from the South Mountain transmitter site, so there is content to suit almost everyone. If you want to be FREE of monthly TV bills & receive a clean strong signal, from the local Stations, please call Antenna Medix, 480-450-4600

Do you need help with reception? Call 480-450-4600 or send an email to I’ll do my best to help you with an unobtrusive antenna installation.

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