Sun City Summerlin Antenna Guidelines

Ancillary (Supplemental) Equipment

All additional mechanical equipment shall be screened from view from immediately adjacent lots and streets.

  1. a) With the exception of roof mounted exhaust fans, no mechanical equipment is permitted on flat roofs.
  2. b) Roof mounted exhaust fans may be allowed on pitched roofs provided they are installed only on side or rear roofs and do not exceed eight (8) inches in height and twenty-four (24) inches in diameter.  The entire exterior metal frame shall be painted to match the roof tile color.
  3. Air Conditioning/Other Cooling Units
  4. a) Any additional air conditioning/swamp cooler units shall be installed at ground level. These units must be screened from view from adjacent properties and streets.  Wall or window mounted units are not permitted.
  5. Weather vanes or AM/FM antennas and/or ground mounted transmitting and receiving antennas are not allowed on any residence or in any yard in Sun City Summerlin.  

Satellite Dish

Although the FCC directs that homeowners associations cannot restrict residents from installing satellite dishes on their property, it does permit the association to provide residents with a prioritized list of placement preferences so that residents are aware of where the association wants them to install the antenna.  This is perfectly acceptable provided the preferred placement does not impose unreasonable delay or expense or preclude reception of an acceptable quality signal.

Installations charges, if any, are the same whether you mount the dish on the roof, eave, or install it where it is less obtrusive.  The difference is usually in the amount of work the technician is willing to do.  Technicians aren’t always willing to take the time to locate the least conspicuous place, where the signal is acceptable, to mount a satellite dish.  Many times, this leaves your neighbors and the rest of the community with no choice but to look at an eyesore with ugly wiring running down the face of your home.

In order to maintain the overall visual character and aesthetic value of the community, while adhering to governmental regulations, the preferred methods of installing a satellite dish are as follows:

  1. a) A satellite dish, with a maximum size of one meter (39 inches) in diameter and/or an antenna designed to receive and/or transmit data services, including Internet access, can also be installed on any residential lot in Sun City Summerlin.  Such antennas will follow the same procedures as satellite dishes.

(1) The dish should be located in the rear yard and mounted on a low profile tripod stand or be ground mounted, no more than 50” or less from the ground so as to minimize the height of the dish and visibility by neighbors.

(2) If an acceptable quality signal cannot be achieved at that site, the dish may be mounted on the base plate or vertical wall of the home in an area that limits visibility by a neighbor and from the street.

(3) In the event that site locations identified in (1) or (2) above do not allow for acceptable signal reception, the dish may be located in the front courtyard.  Every effort should be made to minimize visibility from the street.

(4) There may be an instance where the positioning of a home and/or extreme variations in lot elevation, coupled with the growth pattern of various types of shrubs and trees, impair or restrict the reception of an acceptable digital signal, as determined by proper signal testing.  In that case, alternate locations will be considered.

(5) The mounting of satellite dishes on association common walls or party walls is not permitted due to the potential safety risks that may be associated with the possible degradation of these walls through intrusion of the blocks and mortar joints.

(6) Any transmission cable from the dish to the house, if installed in the yard, must be buried underground and comply with existing governmental regulations regarding underground transmission line installation.  All exposed transmission cables on the exterior of the home, which connect to the dish, must be painted the house color.

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